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The Pantless Anime Blogger (TPAB) aims to do one thousand anime reviews. It is a difficult thing to do possibly destroying my sanity but a goal this blogger wants to reach. I love anime and I wanted to put this love of mine to good use.

TPAB promises to review anime as impartial as possible. I have my own personal likes and dislikes but I will try my best to give readers a reason to watch an anime. I do not believe there is such a thing as a bad anime. It just doesn’t suit you. Everything has a target audience. Whether you’re a bishie fan, a mecha fan, loli fan, tentacle porn fan, gore fan, door knob licking fan or just plain fan of the weird; there is an anime suited for you. I aim to try my best to relate to those niches in doing an objective review. Of course, if an anime is truly bad then I will point it out. If it has a saving grace to it then I will do my best to note it.

Open mindedness is an important key to enjoying anime. I am lucky enough to have a decent open minded outlook in things so I believe a thousand reviews is an attainable goal, even though it is hard to achieve. It’s like fighting Emerald Weapon in FF7 without using the Knights of Round. XD

Let’s all enjoy them pantless. Peace.

10 thoughts on “Site Info

  1. I think its great to see lengthy, detailed reviews from the average otaku (yes, i shall address you as that). I love you style of writing and the fact that you review anime after completely watching them (so people don’t and its infuriating). Anyhow, keep up your good work!

    • how are they questionable? please explain if you can. :)
      classics? can you please define what makes an anime a classic?
      are you referring to mainstream anime that you watch in Toonami and anime popular in the US? There is a wide range of anime that people do not bother to look at and I try my best to review them.
      There are more than 100 anime released every year yet only a handful of them are given decent reviews. You can check other review sites for “classics”. You can check my site for anime you’ve probably never heard of and I take pride in that. :)

      • One can google anime reviews and read dozens covering the anime “classics”, it that kind of rehashed stuff some people are looking for. Its your blog, watch what you want to watch, review what calls to you ;)

  2. GoodLuck in reaching 1000 anime reviews! Love reading your reviews and how you try not to spoil them which is definitely a tough thing to do. Looking forward for more reviews !

  3. I never watch anime without pants. It simply isn’t safe. That aside, it seems as I scum around for new anime to view that I come to this site more and more often to read preliminary reviews; please keep up the great work! It may be a good idea to add a site section or feature where readers can request reviews of certain anime. (I’d love to see your thoughts on Star Driver!) :P

    • I tried a request section last june. I had twenty four anime from requests, I’ve only reviewed three of them. I prioritize new anime and maybe a new request section once I cleared the ones in my bottomless backlog.
      thanks a lot for visiting this humble little site. :)

  4. Would be great if the reviews can be sorted by rating. :) I’m very interested to know which ones you rated highly but browsing through each review can be a bit hard. ^^ You see I just finished watching “Attack on Titan” so I’m looking for another great anime to watch. I was hoping your reviews could help direct me to the right anime. :)

    • fine. I think you’re the third person to ask for a rating based list. Fine. I’ll work on it but please understand that they’re just numbers. It’s often hard to impartially give an anime a score and I change them frequently as well. You often can’t trust a number score on a review.
      Thanks for the request. I’ll work on it.


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